Thursday, June 25, 2009

Given the project a name!

Welcome back!

I was going to make a poll on my web site on what I should name the xna rpg tutorial project but I've decided to go with Eyes of the Dragon. I'm going to make the story line of the game this:

Graynar, the great stone dragon, stood over the village of Hartsward, protecting the village from the hordes of monsters that lived to the east. A daring thief has stolen the precious emeralds that were the dragon's eyes. A hero has be dispatched to find the lost gems before the monsters that live to the east gather and crush the village.

I think this will be a pretty good place to start. I'm going to create some nice screens based on this. I will be continue to post updates and let you know what is going on with Eyes of the Dragon.

Jamie McMahon
Proud member of Dream.In.Code

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