Monday, September 14, 2009

Did a fair bit of coding today

Welcome back!

I did a lot of coding today but it hasn't produced any visual results. What I did was add in the difficulty level system to the player character class. You have all seen that there are four difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, Hard and Ultimate. I'm not sure how many of you remember how I planned on implementing this.

Easier mode characters gain more experience per battle but they are not as strong as the harder mode characters. So if you are playing in easy mode the character will level up faster but the character wouldn't be as strong as an ultimate mode character.

I use two float variables to work this system. To have a character level up faster I multiply their experience by a value greater than one. I had chose 1.25 for easy, 1.0 for normal, 0.75 for hard and 0.5 for ultimate.

The reward for playing a hard or ultimate mode character is that each level the player gains they get more points to distribute to their stats. An easy mode character has a 0.75 multiplier to their stat bonus, normal 1.0, hard 1.25 and ultimate 1.5. I have chosen 4 as the base value. That means an easy mode character only gets 3 points per level while an ultimate mode character will get 6.

There will be other things that difficulty levels will work on as well. I may make the monsters, a generic term for all enemies, easier to kill in easy mode and harder to kill in the harder modes as well.

Tomorrow I hope to add in the screen to display the player's stats.

Jamie McMahon
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