Monday, April 20, 2009

Tomorrow's post...

Hi again. I've got my new system up and running so I'm hoping tomorrow to post some an actual code tutorial. I won't be posting the code tutorials on the blog, I will be posting a link to them on my website. This is because the columns of the blog are small and it is hard to write code in them. I found that out when I started my blog on programming C#. It just does not work very well.

To start with I think I will be demonstrating how tiling works. I don't have any very nice textures for the tiles and I will never proclaim to be a graphics artist so forgive me if they are not the most pleasing visually. I won't be doing anything in isometric or hexagonal tiles, just basic tiling.

In the project I'm going to be using Game Componets for a lot of things so I think the next coding tutorial will be about Game Components.

So look back tomorrow and I will try and have the tutorial written and a link to it on my website. Again forgive me if the tutorials are not the most pleasing visually, I have not done a lot of web design, but I'm trying. I'm trying to make a nice CSS for the tutorials.

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