Saturday, May 23, 2009

XNA Role Playing Game project update

Welcome back!

The character generator will be a little simple. Because of the way I decided to make the characters, using a skill based system instead of a class based system, there are really only three things for the player to choose from. The gender of the character, the name of the character and what difficulty level the player wants to play at. So, I'm going to make a menu like system for creating the character. I will eventually have make a text box control to allow the player to enter a name. For now I think I will just let the player chose a name from a random list of names, probably ten male and ten female. 

I'm hoping to have the tutorial ready for Monday May 25th, GMT. I don't have much to do this weekend so it might be done sooner.

Keep coming back, I will be making updates regularly.

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