Monday, December 7, 2009

Started writing next XNA RPG tutorial

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I have started writing the next tutorial in my Creating a Role Playing Game with XNA tutorial series. Like I mentioned in my previous post I didn't like just having one sprite for the player to control. There are after all 4 classes and 2 genders and just the one sprite. Well, I fixed that. I used an online sprite tool for RPG Maker to make some sprites for the player's character. I made eight of them in total and added them into the game. Now in the character generator when the player is creating their character there is a little picture of the sprite for that character class and gender. Also, when you go to the actual game with a generated character the appropriate sprite will appear on the screen. I hope to have this tutorial on creating a role playing game with XNA on my site for download this evening or tomorrow at the latest. Just thought I would post a couple screen shots of what I did.

Character Generator

Game With Sprite

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