Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Working on getting to combat

Welcome back!

I have started working on adding in enemies for the player to fight in the game. They way that I'm going to handle it is there will be enemies on the map. Is the player gets with in a certain radius of them the player will be taken to a combat screen. To handle to this new screen I will be using a new screen that is derived from the GameScreen class. Adding the new screen will not be all that hard. The way I'm going to implement it will be different than the other screens I've added so far. The concept is the same though. While it is active the other screens will not update or draw themselves.

I've also started working on some sprites for the player's character. I found a good tutorial on spriting and I've been working with it. This is not something that I expect to finish in the near future, it is more something that I will work on now and again. Just thought I would show you the first sprite sheet that I completed.

While I was working on the screen for the combat to take place on I found out why there were lines in the tile engine. Tile tiles that I have been using aren't the greatest tiles. They will work for the tutorials but you would probably want to find or make some tiles of your own for your game.

Jamie McMahon
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Yuk said...

Sounds promising as ever =)

Would be very nice if you could exactly describe what's the problem with the lines from a technical view so we all know how not to run into this kind of problems.

Also I'd really like to get a hand on that link about creating sprites ;) It's something that I'm personaly realy interessted in and have some trouble finding good tutorials about.

Thanks again for all your efforts and keep up the good work!