Friday, August 7, 2009

Got programming done but no tutorial

Welcome back!

I got the programming I wanted to get done but I didn't get to writing the tutorial on creating a role playing game with XNA 3.0 today. I switched the tile engine to use a view port instead of the whole screen. The gray area you can see is what will eventually be where the stats and such of the character will go. I just picked a random texture from Genetica Viewer 3 and cut out an 800 by 600 rectangle that will serve as the view port for the tile map. I will more than likely have the tutorial written tomorrow but I can't guarantee it as there are many, many things that I have to do with my dad being in the hospital. The things I had to change to accomplish this were the tile engine, the camera, the tile map and the action screen. I've added in a screen shot of the tile engine. So, I suggest checking back tomorrow and I hope to have a new tutorial up and on the web site.

I have removed the poll from the left as voting has ended and turn based strategy games has won. When Eyes of the Dragon is finished I will start on a strategy game series, both turn and real time based.

Tile Engine using a view port with overlay of what will be
the HUD eventually.

View of the tile engine using a view port with the HUD overlay

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