Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2 new XNA tutorials!

Welcome back!

Well, I added the two new XNA tutorials to my web site on the 9th. I say the 9th because by the time I'm done writing this entry it will probably be the 10th for me. I mentioned on my site, and probably here, that I had two tutorials on creating a screen management system with XNA to add to my screen manager tutorial series. In the first tutorial I added in support for an Xbox 360 controller, in the second tutorial I showed how to create a pop up screen. You can find the links to the tutorials on the XNA Tutorials page of my web site.

I plan to work on the next tutorial in my role playing game tutorial series and have that available soon as well. Good luck with your XNA game programming adventures.

Jamie McMahon
Proud member of Dream.In.Code
XNA Game Programming Adventures

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