Saturday, February 6, 2010

More about Xin

Welcome back!

I was working a little with Xin and I have found it to be very helpful. Once I finish writing up some documentation for Xin I will be releasing it for anybody who would like to use it. I'm thinking of going with a create commons licence for using Xin. That Xin is free to use for commerical and non-commercial use but a mention in your game or documentation would be required.

I have been under the weather the past few days so I haven't really done much real programming. Everything that I did was Xin was mostly just fixing a few minor errors here and there. I won't be working on Eyes of the Dragon tomorrow, as it is Sunday and I don't like to work on Sunday. I do hope to have the next tutorial available by Tuesday though. That would be the 9th, GMT-5.

Jamie McMahon
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