Friday, February 5, 2010

Updated my site a little

Welcome back!

I did a little work on my web site, XNA Game Programming Adventures, today. I made archive pages of the blog entries for December last year and January this year. There are links to the archives on the main blog page I'm looking into using Google's Adsense to be able able to search my site so people can try and find things that have been archived.

I have also done a little work with X-In 611. That is what I think I'm officially going to name my input handling class library. I know I haven't invented the wheel here but I've been testing X-In 611 with demo games that I've written and I am so impressed with it so far. It wouldn't be useful for a game that does all of its input in the main class but if you are making a complex game that handles input in different classes, like the menu components that I've used in the RPG, it makes life so much easier. I've also started working with being able to control the motors in the Xbox 360 controller to make make the game pad vibrate. I did a simple test in a demo that I made and it is worked pretty good. I will let you know when X-In 611 is going to be released as I'm sure it would be useful to you if you are making an RPG of your own.

Jamie McMahon
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