Saturday, October 10, 2009

200th post and 25th tutorial is ready!

Welcome back!

This is officially the 200th post I've made to this blog. I have added in the newest tutorial, number 25, on creating a role playing game with XNA 3.0 to my web site. I didn't get to the Tile Set Generator in this tutorial. I will write up a quick tutorial on doing that though in the near future. In this tutorial I finished up adding a sprite to the game for the player to control.

I have also added in a debugging feature to the game. This is completely optional and you do not have to do this. I have a message box that will pop up and ask if you want to run the game in full screen mode. If you choose yes the game will run in full screen mode. If you choose no the game will run in windowed mode. This is a useful debugging tool as if you are running the game in full screen mode and the game crashes sometimes you can not get back to the debugger to see where it was that your game crashed.

You will find the links to the tutorial on the RPG Tutorials page of my web site.

Jamie McMahon
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