Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Progress on current tutorials

Welcome back!

I have been doing quite a lot of coding on this tutorial and I'm afraid that it will be rather long. I'm thinking of splitting it up but everything is kind of integrated now and I'm not quite sure where to start. I created two classes, similar to the ones Nick uses is his tile engine tutorial series as I do like the method he uses, for sprite animations. There are a few differences however as I added in my own coding style to these. I got the sprite on the screen animating with out much difficulty. The problem was I was trying to simplify adding in the logic to having the map scroll with the sprite. Again, I like what Nick did in his tile engine series in using the matrix to transform the map instead of having to use the camera object to draw items on the map. You could just give them the position and set the transformation matrix. So it ended up that I had made quite a lot of changes to the game in order to do all of this and there is really still a fair amount that I want to do.

What I think I will end up doing is going back to the last version of Eyes of the Dragon and just focus on one item at a time, in interest of keeping the tutorials short and not throwing a lot at you at once.

One of my readers has been having some problems typing the code from the tutorials into his program and has been finding some minor errors that escaped my attention. I would really like to thank him for bringing them to my attention. I've been keeping track of any that he has found and making the proper changes to the tutorials and uploading them to my web site.

So, since I was away for most of the day today it looks like it won't be until tomorrow that I will have the next tutorial on the site for download.

Jamie McMahon
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