Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another RPG tutorial is on my site!

Welcome back!

Well, I have added yet another tutorial to my web site on creating a role playing game with XNA. This tutorial is a little short but it paves the way for the next one which will be a little complex. I've gotten started on adding a collision layer to the game. The collision layer is an important topic. What the collision layer does, for one, is keep the player from walking through impassable tiles like trees or water. The actual collision detection is a little more complicated to deal with. Collision detection itself can be a complicated topic, especially when you are dealing with transparency and animation. You can find the link to the tutorial on the RPG tutorials page of my web site.

Jamie McMahon
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timmonk said...


Can you please explain the ProcessCollisionLayer()? The way I read the code is that the switch is happening on the tile's type, not on a 1d tile number. That would mean that the list of tiles in the switch statment are meaningless. Am I missing something?