Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coding done but not the tutorial. Response to comment on the blog.

Welcome back!

I have got the tile collision working pretty well. I have it so that the player cannot walking into the water tiles on the map that I made. I wasn't able to get the writing of the tutorial done. I should have it up on the site sometime on the 20th, Eastern Standard Time.

There was a comment on the blog asking if I could explain the ProcessCollisionLayer method. What this method does is loop through all of the tiles in the layer. In the switch statement I get what the current tile is passing the x and y loop variables. The switch statement takes the tile id returned and compares it to the tiles that can not be walked in. I will update the tutorial and try and explain it better in the tutorial. If there are any other questions or comments about this feel free to post them on the blog or use the contact form on my web site.

Jamie McMahon
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