Friday, November 27, 2009

Was working on the game

Welcome back!

I have been working on the XNA role playing game today. I got a lot accomplished and I hope to work on the writing of the tutorial tomorrow. What I did a little more refactoring and I also got a start on being able to move next to an NPC and press the space bar to start a conversation with them. I have it so that if you are near an NPC and you press the space bar a conversation window will pop up and if you press it again the conversation window will close. This is what the action screen looks like with a conversation window on it.

Eyes of the Dragon
Dialog Window

I have also been working on an entry to the latest game programming challenge at Game Institute. It is, of course, an XNA game. The theme of this game is a tower defense game. For the title I've gone with Defender of the Crown. It was a game I used to play a long time ago. Just thought I would post a couple screen shots of that as well.

DotC Main Menu

DotC Game With Wave

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