Friday, July 17, 2009

Great news!

Welcome back!

Awesome news! My graphics card came in this afternoon. I've installed it and it is working perfectly. I also downloaded and installed Visual C# Express 2008 and XNA 3.0. I got the latest version of Eyes of the Dragon off my web site and I got it to run with no problems at all.

If you are intersted, this graphics card is a nVidia Sparkle geForce 8400 GS. It has 512MB of RAM and I believe it supports Pixel/Vertex Shader 4.0 so there should be no problems with any of the XNA stuff that I want to do.

I have also downloaded all of the files I needed off my web site for upgrading the web pages and I have installed Visual Web Developer Express 2008 on to this computer. I'm setting up a partition on our server to hold all of the files I need and will be copying them there regularly so I don't run into this problem again.

I doubt I will get any more done on the tutorials for creating a role playing game with XNA 3.0 but you never know, I could find the time. So, keep on coming back and I hope to have some new stuff up really soon.

Jamie McMahon
Proud member of Dream.In.Code

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