Thursday, July 9, 2009

New RPG Tutorial is available on my web site!

Welcome back!

Just letting you all know that there is another tutorial on my web site about creating a role playing game with XNA 3.0. In this tutorial I've added in a pop up menu to the game. Very often you will need to ask questions of the player. Pop up menus are good ways to do this. I made a drawable game component for the pop up menu. Unlike other components, instead of hiding the previous screen, I just set the Enabled property of the previous screen to false. What this does, is draw the previous screen but does not update it.

You can find the tutorials on this page:
XNA 3.0 RPG Tutorials PDFs and ZIPs

I will try and have a new tutorial up soon. It may be a few days because summer is here and I'm trying to enjoy it. I'm also trying to finish my entry in the game programming challenge at:
Game Institute. I have posted a couple screen shots from that game as well. I've combined them into one image and scaled them to help make this page load faster. I'm thinking of writing a tutorial series on creating this game for the XNA 3.0 section.

Eyes of the Dragon Start Page with Pop Up Menu

Screen Shots from Space Raptor, my entry into the
game programming challenge at Game Institute.

Jamie McMahon
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