Saturday, July 18, 2009

Very busy day

Welcome back!

I had a very busy day today. There was really not much time to do any work on these tutorials. It looks like tomorrow is going to be just as bad. The good news is that next week isn't looking all that bad. I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished on Eyes of the Dragon. I hope you understand that creating a game as complex as a role playing game does take a lot of time. I'm trying to do it in a way that you can easily take what I've done and customize it to your needs. I will try and get some work done on the player character system soon. That is one of the most important parts of a role playing game, in my mind anyway. You want the person playing your game to cheer at their character's successes and grow as the character grows. I do know that these tend to be the favorite classes in a role playing game: Fighter, Thief, Wizard and Priest. Of course there are specializations of the about, like Paladins being a type of fighter. Once I have the basic system finished, having the ability to add new classes should be fairly easy. At least that is my intention with the RPG tutorial series.

Well, I will ask you to keep on coming back and I will try and have new and interesting stuff up on the blog. Be sure to vote on what other type of game you would like to see a tutorial series on. Voting ends at the end of the month!

Jamie McMahon
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